How to Pair Two Sofas in One Space

The key to making different sofa styles work together.

08 April –

How to Pair Two Sofas in One Space
How to Pair Two Sofas in One Space
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If you are familiar with the Studio McGee aesthetic, you know that Shea doesn’t design homes with furniture sets. Instead, Shea and the design team create furniture plans with unique pieces that create connection through contrast.

The living room is no exception to this rule of design, and here we will be diving deeper into how to choose sofa pairings that feel cohesive in a room. One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is, “How so I style two different sofas in the same room?” Shea is the design expert, and we will be sharing her tips for the perfect seat parings. She also wrote about this topic in her book, The Art of Home.

When designing a room, Shea looks for cohesion and tension between pieces. The intention is to make the space interesting with tension, but also have enough similar elements for cohesion. When selecting two sofas, Shea likes to contrast four design elements: material, form, scale, and tone.

For materials, think in terms of touch and feel, and consider pairing linen and velvet or boucle and leather. For form, connect shape and contrast leg styles. Shea suggests selecting one sofa that extends to the floor and the second with stylized legs is a fool-proof way to pair sofas. For scale, Shea recommends the sofa arm heights should be about the same, so one piece isn’t overpowering. For tone, consider choosing a light fabric and dark fabric to create contrast.

Keep scrolling for sofa pairing inspiration, and watch the webisode below for a Q&A with Shea about the McGee Home Refresh and how she paired two different sofa styles in her living room.


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“In my living room, I chose a slipcover sofa that touches the floor paired with a sofa with wood caster legs. I also chose contrasting fabrics. However, both sofas have curve details that establish some continuity, and that’s how I strike a balance between cohesion and tension.”

Shea McGee

“I chose to design my living room with two sofas for a more custom look that embraces form and function. Typically I don’t use a sectional in the main or formal living room, because I view them as more fun and casual. In my own home I styled a large sectional in the basement.”

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