Project Insight with Vazoumana Meite: Interview with an App User and Architecture Enthusiast

This week, Planner 5D spoke with Vazoumana - better known on Instagram as @vazou.arch, a designer and architecture enthusiast who also happens to be a Planner 5D user!

Project Insight with Vazoumana Meite: Interview with an App User and Architecture Enthusiast

This week, Planner 5D spoke with Vazoumana - better known on Instagram as @vazou.arch, a designer and architecture enthusiast who also happens to be a Planner 5D user! We sat down together to discuss his time on the app as well as the design process, and an insight into their latest project and the difficulties that they faced. Read on to discover a bit about Vazoumana, his projects, and more!

About Vazoumana

When we spoke with Vazoumana, he let us know a bit more about him and his personality which factors into his success in using our app. He describes himself as a "young, passionate, creative, and dynamic person with an atypical background." He tells us how he is an admirer of both traditional and digital design tools, "I appreciate both traditional creative techniques and those from digital tools."

Vazoumana let us know a little bit about his interests, which is definitely a factor in the great content he produces. He explains, "I have a particular interest in the field of architecture and decoration."

Regarding his work, he explains how he has an adaptive personality that works well when creating or when dealing with business. He states, "I have good interpersonal skills and I have the ability to adapt to clients." Which are necessities in any type of business relationship! He goes on to explain how his interests and skills factor into his work. He says "All these qualities make me an original person and also justify my constant search for up-to-date information. This translates into my subscriptions to trade journals."

He let us know about his experience in designing. He says that "for several years, I have created projects (traditional drawing, 3D modeling) that I post on various networks." He then tells us how his main platform is Instagram and how his work has attracted quite a large following, "I mainly post on Instagram where I have a community of 11,000 people to date who have subscribed for the content I offer." Impressive!

Latest Project

As an avid Planner 5D app user, we wanted to know more about Vazoumana and his latest project so we asked him to tell us a bit more about it and what makes him proud. He says, "The last project I created is the bathroom with candles.”

He goes on to tell us how he can see his designs have gotten better with the help of our HD Rendering update. He explains “I must admit that there is a clear improvement in terms of quality compared to before with HD rendering.”

Finally, he tells us what makes him most proud: “What makes me proud is to be able to have fun creating unique interiors."

We love to see our users' projects and we love it, even more, when they are proud of their designs and can see how our app helps them to improve!

When we asked Vazoumana if they had any inspiration for this or anything like a mood board or reference, they told us how it was all of their own makings and we were very impressed. He said, "I had no inspiration. I did it like that on my own."

Design Process

We wanted to find out some more information about Vazoumana's design process as this usually gives us an insight into how a person works and we can pass this information on to our users. Vazoumana told us: "So I always start with the walls, then the floor, and to finish with the arrangement of the furniture."

A great way to always begin is by working from the base and building onto this!


As always, whenever we interview anyone about their latest projects - or any projects they have worked on, we like to know what the difficulties are that they have faced. With Vazoumana, his answer was very interesting! He explained how having a vision is one thing, but then executing this vision and being creative can be the difficult part.

"The difficulty with interior projects, in general, is having a good vision of the layout of things, that's all the work itself, you have to be able to master the space while being creative."

We completely understand this as sometimes - in any creative field, you have an idea of something you want to do but actually doing it to the highest standard that you expect from yourself can be very challenging, and we´re sure a lot of our users can relate!

Planner 5D Tools

Finally, we wanted to know if Vazoumana used any special tools that Planner 5D provides for users. He told us how he is a fan of HD rendering but other tools such as AR and Magic Cube he has not tried...yet!

Yes, so I haven't used the AR or VR options for the moment, I just use the HD rendering option for my work and it's a real pleasure. I used it for my portfolio to present a good record for companies.

Vazoumana went on to tell us how much he appreciates and enjoys the app and how useful it is for not only their work but their studies - which we love to hear!

I must tell you that I greatly appreciate your application, it helps me a lot for my work and to present something serious to the company for my work-study contract.

To close, he lets us know that this is just the beginning for him and that Planner 5D has been responsible for this. He states, "Thanks to you, the adventure has only just begun!" We love his confidence!

The information Vazoumana has provided us with is incredibly interesting. It's always great to speak with someone who uses Planner 5D, as it allows us to learn from them, and gain insight into what our users love about the app. It's also always great to learn a bit more about our users and their passions. We're sure with reading this you'll be desperate to get started on your projects with the app! Let us know what you think, we love hearing from you!

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