Planner 5D PRO: 360 panorama and AntiCopy

Protect your projects and create stunning 360 views with Planner 5D PRO.

Planner 5D PRO: 360 panorama and AntiCopy

Recently we launched Planner 5D PRO — a tool for professional designers, helping them to create stunning projects and get new clients. We are constantly evolving and adding new features to help both amateur and professional designers create and share their work. Introducing our new panorama 360 panorama and "anti-copy" feature.

360 panorama

How to find 360 panorama

360 panorama feature is a very useful tool for creating immersive and visually stunning interior photos. The ability to capture 360 degree views of a space can give viewers a better sense of the layout and design of a room, and allow them to fully experience the beauty of the surroundings. This can be especially helpful for designers looking to showcase their work and give clients a better understanding of what their finished space will look like.

To find the feature go to the editor and start new project or choose existing one. On the top right click on camera icon and you will see the 360 panorama function. Please, take into account that this feature works only for users who have Planner 5D PRO subscription.

The Anticopy function

The "anti-copy" is a valuable tool for designers who want to share their work with others, but are concerned about the possibility of their ideas being stolen. Intellectual property theft can be a significant issue for designers and other creative professionals, and it's important for creators to have the ability to protect their work.

By providing an "anti-copy" feature, we are helping to give designers the confidence and peace of mind they need to share their work without worrying about it being stolen. This can help to encourage creativity and innovation, and allow designers to showcase their ideas and skills to a wider audience.

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