How to Style Your Home for Easter

Inspiration to bring the spring season into your home.

07 March –

How to Style Your Home for Easter
How to Style Your Home for Easter
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As spring approaches, homes begin to undergo a transformation, welcoming brighter colors and lighter textiles for the season. Here are our tips for incorporating Easter decor into your spring styling.

As our spaces begin to reflect the promise of warmer weather, it is the perfect time to add in Easter decor. From pastel-hued eggs adorning tabletops to whimsical bunny figurines peeking out from shelves, and wreaths of delicate spring flowers grace front doors. Tables are dressed in crisp linens, with centerpieces bursting with fresh blooms and nestled among flickering candles. Although we tend to pick only a few places in the home to display seasonal decor, the little details still make a big impact. Read below for our tips on how to decorate your dining, coffee, and console table for Easter.


Tablescape Styling

Creating a charming Easter tablescape is an artful endeavor, weaving together elements of tradition, whimsy, and natural beauty. Start with a color palette to guide the tablescape selections, for Easter consider a color scheme of creams and pastels. Next, incorporate serveware that is beautiful and can display pastries or appetizers. Adding taper candles is a great way to add height, color, and ambience to the scene. Finally, layer florals on the table, here we styled an arrangement in a large vase paired with tiny planter pots for an eclectic look. When setting the table, don’t take it too seriously, and play with color and texture and enjoy the creative process.


Coffee Table Styling

Typically we suggest choosing a few places in the home to concentrate your seasonal decor, so it fits seamlessly with the rest of your space. We love that holidays give us the chance to infuse our homes with festive charm and seasonal flair. For a coffee table, consider picking one or two easter-themed items like marble eggs and a wooden basket or porcelain bunny figurines that serve as the focal point. The rest of the decor can complement in color and playfulness like the green book, florals, and wavy taper candles pictured below.


Console Table Styling

We love to style seasonal decor in the entryway of a home, because it is the space that welcomes guests. However these tips can be used for a console table in any room. Similar to the other spaces, we like to chose a few easter-themed decor pieces such as a handwoven basket with pastel eggs or a pair of bunny figurines. With you festive pieces selected, opt for decor that complements the spring season like a reeded glass vase or wicker urn. You can also layer artwork with seasonal tones to round out the look.


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