Bunk Rooms From the Studio McGee Archives

Childhood memories, but make it beautiful.

12 June –

Bunk Rooms From the Studio McGee Archives
Bunk Rooms From the Studio McGee Archives
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Studio McGee has done a few bunk rooms over the years, and the defining element of all of them have been the way their function melds with form. We’ve cracked open the archives to share a few of our favorites that are sure to house generations worth of childhood memories.

Bunk beds are the epitome of our childhood dreams, reminiscent of summer camp or big family vacations with beds full of cousins. Maybe you grew up on a bunk bed and don’t feel as excited about them, but you have to admit they’re convenient for space planning, and if they’re done right, they can be just as beautiful as they are functional. Over the years, Studio McGee has garnered a reputation for the beautiful bunk rooms we create and we thought it was a great time to open up the archives and bring out a few of our favorites. We hope this Studio McGee bunk room roundup provides inspiration in spades.


Light and Bright
Park City Contemporary

We love the light oak wood and the ethereal forest wallpaper in this light and bright bunk room. Each detail was designed with form and function in mind, from the patterned and textured walls to the built-in drawers on the white-washed stairs.

See the entirety of the Park City Contemporary project here.

“If we have space, we love to turn the bottom beds the opposite way to fit a queen-sized bed to host a whole family if needed.”

Shea McGee


Moody Hues
Water’s Edge

Our Water’s Edge project actually has two bunk rooms with beds for 12. Bunk Room One is the larger of the two, with a dark green color palette and a fun pop of fish sheets. Bunk Room Two has four queen beds and a bit of a lighter tone.

See the entirety of the Water’s Edge project here.


Earthy Aesthetic
Cabo Dos Vistas

We love how earthy and laidback the finishings are in this beachside bunk room. Shea and the design team took inspiration from the home’s seaside surroundings and pulled a palette that is relaxed and inviting.

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Modern Rustic
Mountainside Retreat

Designed for a family that loves to host, this space is transitional enough to house older and younger kids while still feeling playful.

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12 June