Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

Where to go and what to do on Mexico's Baja Peninsula.

08 July 2022 -

Syd and I took a vacation to Mexico and loved the trip so much that we wanted to compile our list of what we did, what we ate, and where we stayed to share with you. Between the beautiful amenities of the hotel, the stunning sites, and the delicious food there is so much to love about this charming spot on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Here I am sharing my favorite places to stay, eat, and visit in Cabo. Take a look and happy planning! xo Shea

No. 01 | Where to Stay

No. 02 | What to Eat

No. 03 | What to Do

No. 01 | Where to Stay

We stayed along the coast at the Montage Los Cabos and I can’t say enough good things about it; the desert modern design, the views of the secluded bay, and the landscaping all left me feeling both renewed and inspired! The staff was so friendly and went above and beyond in all categories. The restaurants on the property were delicious, which is a major plus on the days you’d like just to take it easy and not venture out.  

We went to relax, and relax we did. Syd and I are more beach people than resort pool people, so we parked it by the beach daily and would go out paddle boarding. We also ate paletas every day (and Syd usually had one in each hand, haha) – wins all around! 

No. 02 | Where to Eat

The design of El Huerto was beautiful with ruins covered in bougainvillea, and oversized pendants in the covered outdoor dining. The design allowed you to meander through the property and we enjoyed just taking in every detail. It was also nice that it was only about 10 minutes away from where we stayed.   

We noticed other guests ordering pizza and it looked so good that we followed suit. Not a decision we regret! We also had the salad, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake! Honestly, everything looked good on the menu.  

If you’re a foodie that also appreciates beautiful scenery, Flora Farms is the place for you! It’s an experience – it takes about 30 minutes to get there over some less than smooth roads, but definitely worth the visit. I loved that we sat surrounded by the farm’s herbs and flowers listening to live music. There are a few shops worth checking out if you arrive in time before your meal (or after!) and even a spa/boutique hotel. Everything just felt thoughtful and intentional – the food was the same way. I would go back again and again if I could.   

Not a thing on the menu looked like a poor choice! The menu is seasonal and farm to table, so it changes (similar to El Huerto), but we loved all of our selections – salad, pizza, and pasta. We don’t mess around when it comes to good food!  

Las Guacamayas is nothing fancy or over the top, but a local favorite that serves classic, authentic Mexican food. You can’t go wrong!  

Our favorite dish was the flank steak tacos – when in Mexico! 

No. 03 | What to Do

An obvious “must” if you find yourself in Cabo San Lucas, The Arch is such a pretty sight. Lover’s Beach is a nice spot to stop on a boat tour, and if you time your trip right you can also see whales on their migratory path! We laughed that the other side of Lovers Beach is called Divorce Beach; on the Pacific side, the waves are rough and not anything you’d want to swim in, but another spot worth seeing. Renting a boat is a really fun way to enjoy Cabo and the breeze is much welcomed in the heat!   

Corazon Playero was recommended to me by multiple people, and I loved being able to get a beautiful hat with my initials embroidered on it. Heads up, there is no signage out front (it is in a residential area), so our taxi driver was a bit confused at first!  Love adding this new hat to my collection and even better that it serves as a souvenir from our trip.  

And if you need wardrobe inspiration for your trip, I also shared everything I packed here. Happy travels! 

Date Posted
08 July 2022