How to Style an Effortless Al Fresco Tablescape

A few simple tips that will make outdoor dining feel elegant.

23 April –

How to Style an Effortless Al Fresco Tablescape
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A few simple elements will make an outdoor dining tablescape feel effortlessly elegant. Here, we’re sharing our three favorite tips.

When days get longer and warmer, we all start to turn to our outdoor space to entertain. We love the months when more meals are shared outdoors than in, and any excuse is a good excuse to chat, sip, snack, or just breathe in the fresh summer air. Whether it be lounging on the patio or entertaining guests with an evening dining al fresco—we’re here for all of it, with a few notes of inspiration to make your outdoor dining tablescapes feel both effortless and elevated. Here are three of our best tips for creating an outdoor tablescape that’s not easily forgotten.

“I love entertaining outdoors because it feels less formal and there’s a lot less pressure. A beautiful tablecloth and clipped branches are all you need to create a welcoming atmosphere.”

Shea McGee


Choose a Versatile Outdoor Dining Table

Any dining table is a meaningful purchase that often comes with a side of decision anxiety. As a rule of thumb, choose an outdoor dining table that you’ll be happy to have as the setting for any occasion—from a beautifully curated dinner scene for celebrating summer birthdays and engagement parties to enjoying a simple coffee and pastry in the morning light. A versatile outdoor dining table works well dressed up with a tablecloth or without, letting its natural tones and textures shine. We love a weatherproof wood table for this reason—and especially because it can be used season after season if properly taken care of. Teak wood tables are a favorite because they tend to hold up outdoors and bring a sophisticated and organic look to your backyard decor.


Let Your Outdoor Dining Chairs Set the Mood

The right choice in a set of outdoor dining chairs can make the scene go from “thrown together” to an elevated and intentional design aesthetic, just as it would in your indoor dining room. Whether you’re going for a simple, rustic-yet-refined farmhouse look or a romantic, dreamy vibe full of textural details, you can set the mood of your outdoor dining tablescape with your choice of outdoor dining chairs. Look for chairs that are specifically made for the outdoors and that can offer weatherproof durability with either natural woodgrain or woven rattan details. With the summer light lasting later into the evenings, making sure the dining chairs are comfortable enough to invite hours-long conversations over dinner is key. We always choose chairs with full cushions upholstered in neutral weatherproof performance fabric because it’s easy to maintain and always fits the outdoor tablescape setting flawlessly. As a bonus, you can take them off and store them inside when the seasons change.


Keep Tabletop Accessories Simple and Elegant

When curating an outdoor dining tablescape, we like to utilize any and all of the dinnerware you’d typically use in your indoor tablescapes—it always looks that much more beautiful with the sky and your garden or trees as a backdrop. With this as the case, it’s easy to keep the dishes, serveware, and flatware relatively simple and let the environment do the talking. For example, a foolproof outdoor tabletop recipe is a light and floral tablecloth, natural woven placemats, clear stemmed glasses for sparkling water and cocktails, melamine plate sets, and a flatware caddy with everyday silver utensils. Add some flowers or clipped branches in a vase or by themselves for a centerpiece and you’re set.


Simple and Elegant Accessories

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23 April