How to Make Your Kitchen Cozy

The center of the home should feel warm and bright.

24 October 2023 –

The heartbeat of the home should feel warm and bright, a place you want to spend time in with those you love. Browse some of the past Studio McGee kitchens below and get inspired to incorporate elements of warmth into your own.

Name something more warm and inviting than a lived-in kitchen. We can’t think of anything. We love visiting homes of our family and friends who know how to cook because if they know how to throw together a home-cooked meal it’s likely they have a kitchen that is the opposite of sterile and cold. In our experience, it’s warm, friendly, welcoming, and full of personality.

If you want to inject a bit more warmth into your kitchen space, we have a few tips and tricks for accomplishing the look. First is to add texture and color by placing a runner rug in front of your kitchen sink or stove. The addition of woven fabric is a nice juxtaposition to all the steel and stone of a kitchen’s components and the pattern is a good opportunity to bring in a color palette. You can also use kitchen hand towels or oven mitts to add a little pattern and color.

Another tip we love is styling some of the prettier cookware on the counter instead of in the drawers. Get a crock to style and store your wooden spoons, add little hooks for looping your oven mitts and dish towels on, and get beautiful canisters with ingredients that you use regularly. It does double duty as a pretty display, plus it makes them easy to access. Cake stands are a fun addition as well, as they add levels and make a beautiful display, as are a stack of cookbooks with bookends on both ends.

Some of the more permanent ways to style your kitchen for a warm and cozy feeling is by adding fresh plants in the windowsill or swapping out your hardware for ones with patina or leather pulls.

Date Posted
24 October 2023