Create room layouts using a 3D room generator

Designing a room has never been easier. Choose floor plans from existing templates and styles

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How does the room generator work?

  1. Choose room shape

    Select your room shape from six existing templates, then add your dimensions.
  2. Select room type

    Choose what kind of room you want to design. Options include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kids' room and home office.
  3. Pick a style

    Select from existing styles, including industrial, Boho, classic, Japanese, minimalist, Scandinavian or country.
  4. Watch the magic happen

    The Smart Wizard automatically generates room layouts and suggests several options with different furniture arrangements based on your selections.

Why use Smart Wizard?

Smart AI Technology

Smart Wizard generates automatic 3D room layouts using an extensive product library, data sets and algorithms developed by the Planner 5D R&D team.

User-friendly interface

Create fully-furnished professionally-designed rooms and floorplans in seconds. Select styles and shuffle furniture with a click of a button.

Interior design for everyone

Planner 5D empowers regular people and makes designing a room or their dream home fun and easy.

Created for Amateurs

Smart Wizard uses sophisticated AI technology to create designs based on your requirement. Let Smart Wizard create your perfect room. Currently only available on desktop with more options coming soon.

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