Immersive Learning
Take classroom learning to the next level with Planner 5D – an immersive design tool to stimulate students creatively and scientifically. Now free for every school or educational institution worldwide.

Works perfectly with Google Chromebook, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS

Inspire to learn & create

Use Planner 5D as a tool to create a unique learning experience. Teachers can integrate the interior design software into project-based activities.

Easy learning curve

Encourage every student to find their design style, problem-solving approach and creative vision. Adapt Planner 5D to fit the learning goals of each classroom or student.

Works perfectly on any device!

Forget downloading complicated plug-ins or worrying about problematic updates. Planner 5D works on any device through a simple app and can be accessed on all platforms.

Interested in the Education edition of Planner 5D?
Easily integrate Planner 5D into any curriculum. Each purchased license is assigned to an individual student.
What can Planner 5D be used for?

STEM Classes

An innovative platform to develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. Planner 5D introduces an interactive learning experience that can enhance any curriculum and teach the importance of computer-based design.

Interior Design Basics

Help students learn about interior design and use it as a foundation to develop skills in art, efficient design and organization systems. Expose students to a technology that utilizes 2D/3D design.

Art, Architecture & Engineering

Offer an art class without pencils or paintbrushes! Encourage students to foster their creativity in a digital realm while learning design principles – explore color combinations, lighting effects, landscape design, visually-appealing graphics, unique sketching and more.

Problem Based Learning

Develop computational skills without textbooks or standard homework assignments allow students to immerse themselves in digital home design to learn architectural and engineering problem-solving. Teach real-life skills and professional challenges.

What are teachers saying?
Sandy Cormier
Brattleboro Union Highschool,
Brattleboro, VT

"I use Planner 5D with my high school Residential Interior Design students. They instantly catch on using the program to design specific specs and create floor plans and homes with great detail. I have used the program to do individual and group design challenges. They like seeing their designs come alive through 3D view and the ability to add large and small details that give their homes personality. There is excitement when they discover something new about the program. This has changed the way I teach and look forward to its continued use in the classroom."

Rob Ianne
Farmingdale schools,
Farmingdale, NY

"My student's absolutely loved Planner 5D! It is a great tool to teach students about creating floor plans, measurement and interior design. Not only can you teach them about the inside of a home but also the outside. It allows you to do many things with landscape design as well. My students are very into the program and enjoy building their own individual homes and taking an object in 2d and seeing what they have created in 3d."

Christie Doyle
Gateway Science Academy,
St. Louis, MO

"Planner 5D was a huge hit with my students this semester! I actually had a high school teacher tell me that the program would be too advanced for my middle school students, but that teacher was proven wrong when my kids did amazing projects with Planner 5D. He was impressed that they could use the program in the way they did. My students actually loved being able to use all of the features, which were just enough to be appealing and provide options without being overwhelming. They especially liked seeing their "blue prints" come to life just like they do on some of their favorite television programs. I had students tell me that it was the most fun and most exciting way to learn that they have had in a long time. Planner 5D was incredibly useful and highly engaging and I would absolutely recommend the program for other teachers to use to teach basic architectural design, and even some more advanced materials."

Ryan Doan
Lochearn Elementary School,

"Planner 5D gave my year 5 students a chance to have an architectural experience and real world connections without leaving the classroom. It is a program that students can use both inside the school and outside school to follow their passion. The growth and excitement for students is evident in their work and 5D gives them this opportunity."

Robin Seneta
Gigard School District,
Erie, PA

"Planner 5D is one of the best web based floor planning software platforms available today. Its ease of use and library of options makes it a solid choice for my classroom. Students are experiencing using 2D and 3D environments, analyzing and evaluating their choices, and designing, creating and building floorplans. Planner 5D helps students understand the importance of computer aided design and exposes them to a variety of industries that use this type of technology."

Eric Armitage
Wild Rose School Division,
Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada

"Planner 5D has been an accessible and entertaining way for my kids to explore creativity, Math and drafting. They become immersed in their experiences because it is personal and student driven. The program and interface is easily learned by the students and it doesn't take them long to teach each other what they have learned. Planner 5D has given the students an opportunity to build in a way that gives them control over the process, and that helps build competence and confidence."

Lori Ou
Marrickville Intensive English Centre,
Marrickville, Australia

"Planner 5D is a useful classroom tool for students to visualise and create their own building designs. The program is easy to use and engaging. I used it with my students for a maths measurement project and they were immersed in the program. Its great that students can use the program across devices (PC, tablets, smartphones) and there's plenty of inspiration from the Planner 5D community."

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