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Color Therapy

Free workshop on how to properly apply colors
to create a beautiful, stylish, and appealing interior for a perfect mindset.

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What Is It About?

Learn about the way colors in the interior affect our well-being and mindset. Explore expert tips on how to select a matching color palette for different rooms and how to apply specific tones to make the space look bigger, lighter, and warmer.

The Role of Colors in the Interior

Choosing the right color for your home is not just about tone preferences. Even the minor shade can make a room look bigger or smaller, colder or warmer, darker or lighter. With these functions in mind, selecting a proper tone can be tricky without considering the color psychology and the Color Wheel, as they help to define how people will feel inside their home and what emotions specific colors can trigger.

You will learn:

  • Color psychology basics and the way colors affect our brain;
  • How to combine colors in the interior to create a perfect scene;
  • How to select colors for every specific room.


Gabija Antanaityte Interior designer

Gabija is an interior designer at Planner 5D. She establishes a creative approach and the ability to combine different styles and colors in a single harmonious interior.

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