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Are you in search of architecture design software? Explore all the amazing features of advanced and easy-to-use 3D site planning tool for free - Planner 5D.

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Planner 5D is here to make the complicated simple. If you’re interested in architectural design but don’t have a degree or relevant experience, it’s not an issue. Our planner gives you the right toolset to create high-quality plans – such as drawing tools, a library of objects, example projects, templates, and many other utilities.

Whether you want a 2D design or if you’re looking for 3D architecture software, Planner 5D is an all-in-one place program to make your planning dreams come true. Don't waste time on complex CAD programs, and don't waste money on expensive studios. Now you can easily take on the role of an architect and do it on a budget.


Why You Need 3D Architecture Design Software?

To start with architectural design, you don’t need to put in much effort because we’ve simplified the process as much as possible. Below are the steps you need to take.


Architectural Drawing In 2D

The first thing you do in our free architecture software is to draw out a floor plan. Unlike traditional programs, this one makes this process effortless. Simply drag the walls across your plan and make all the changes necessary to make it perfect.


Use The Library For Items

Now is the time to furnish the space. There are multiple directions you can go in when it comes to interior design – classic, modern, rustic, etc. Our tool has suitable items for whichever style you choose. You can use the drag-and-drop tool to place these objects and move them. In addition, you can change the colors and textures of objects to fit your vision better.


Final 3D Plan

The last step is to transform your architecture drawing into a photorealistic rendering. You don’t need any special knowledge – it only takes a few clicks to accomplish 3D modeling.

You can complete the whole process in less than half an hour. Of course, if you want to make the design more detailed, you can spend as much time as you want perfecting it.


What You Can Do With Planner 5D Software?

Planner 5D is the kind of architecture software that is great for everyone. You can start right away and build your skills up as you go. What other reasons can we name that make our software stand out?

It’s suitable for beginners - No matter your level of expertise or previous experience with design, you can accomplish anything you want. If you need a head start, we have tutorials and educational materials.
You can choose between free and paid plans - In the beginning, you can start with a free version in order to familiarize yourself with the platform. If you want to graduate to a more advanced version, check out our paid plans.
It takes no time to create an architectural design from scratch - Spend as much or as little time as you want on it and come out with a great result anyway.
You have lots of choices - Recreate the exact architectural design you’ve always dreamed of with a wide selection of tools and items.
We have your interests in mind - Our service is affordable, intuitive, and sophisticated. And we always welcome feedback, as it helps us make the platform even better.

Architecture Design Examples

Did you know that we showcase the incredible architectural design projects that our users create? We want to give you a source of inspiration, which in turn will provide you with the motivation to start your own project.

Look through these creative examples and see what our design software can help you achieve.

When you’re done with your own unique project, we’ll be happy to showcase it too. Feel free to explore different creative ideas and play around with available tools.


Here is what our customers say

Incredible! Unlike other applications, the price tag is reasonable here, and you can fully test the functionality in the free version and make a project concept.

Anna Sergeeva

Such a cool app. At first glance, it might seem that you can only make designs in the paid version, but once you get better at using all the tricks, you can make a cool design for free (well, maybe with just one ad). Highly recommend.

Alsu Zatsepina

The app is easy to use. Even a newbie can come up with nice designs. It’s very stable and rarely crashes.

Architectural design


Can I create a 3D design?

Yes, we offer intuitive rendering software to transform 2D plans into realistic 3D models. The best news is that it’s possible to do so in just a few clicks.
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How do I start?

Just open the software, draw some walls, place some objects, and make any adjustments in mere moments. The process has been designed to be as straightforward as possible.
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Is it only available on the desktop?

No, our software can comfortably run on mobile and a range of devices. Desktop and mobile experiences are equally good, so choose whichever you like!
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Is Planner 5D expensive?

Not at all! We feature free architecture elements and tools to get you started. But on top of that, you can also take advantage of our paid plans to increase your range of options even further.
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Are Have any more questions? Don't hesitate.

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