Furniture Arrangement

Advanced pipeline for the ultimate indoor scene built by humans, not computers.

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What can the neural network do?


No need to think of where to place the furniture. Access datasets with endless ready-made projects and plans with a range of interior objects and items.


Specially-designed neural network algorithms are able to mimic the way you feel and think. They consider projects designed by Humans, not Robots.


You can walk around your future bedroom in real time. Advanced techniques help to create the sense of presence and enrich 3D models with 2D images.


We have implemented various types of machine learning. AFA feature considers hundreds of factors and improves with every new project created in Planner 5D.

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Why to use Automated Furniture Arrangement?

57m+ users worldwide

Planner 5D boasts a growing community of users with more than 200 million interior projects completed over the past 6 years.

Advanced machine learning

We use technologies that learn to feel and think like humans. The neural network is able to mimic your thoughts and adapt to changing input.

Design for
any space

Create interior for any kind of room using millions of ready-made design ideas. The system will adapt to all specs and parameters.

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Instantly digitize your floor plans using our intelligent neural-network. Compatible with any interior project.


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your future home

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to virtually build and renovate.